Format Summary

Sadly the manufacturers of ebook readers and the publishers of ebooks have failed to agree on a common format.

As a result there is a bewildering variety of formats, depending on your eReader device. Here at 2000ebooks we provide books in the epub and mobi formats, which should be suitable for most users.

On this page we explain the different formats and the devices that support them. The information is updated regularly. We hope you will find this useful and that it will help avoid any confusion as to which format you should download.

The three main formats used by the current generation of eReaders are .epub, .mobi, .azw and to varying degrees of success the .pdf format in common use on PCs.

Plain text files, format .txt, are also supported by many devices.

To see which formats are supported on your eReader you should check the user instructions that came with your device, but here is a rough summary as at January 2010:

DeviceManufacturerFormats supported
Kindle 1Amazon.azw .mobi .txt
Kindle 2Amazon.azw .mobi .pdf
Kindle DXAmazon.azw .mobi .pdf
Sony ReaderSony.epub .pdf
BeBook ReaderBeBook.epub .mobi .pdf
NookBarnes & Noble.epub .pdf
COOL-ERCoolreaders.epub .pdf
CybookBookeen.epub .pdf
Sony ReaderSony.epub .pdf
StoryiRiver.epub .pdf
PapyreGrammata.epub .mobi .pdf

More information can be found on Wikipedia